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WEB Hosting with support PHP and MySQL with the address of form in all after $1 per month!
With the use of several addresses - reduction!

Hosting is this place on the special computer, which is twenty-four hour connected to the Internet along the wide chosen line and has a constant connection to the Internet, and on which is established special soft for the hosting, which ensures the light support of many sites simultaneously. The registration of hosting in the majority of the cases occurs sufficiently simply and it does not cause problems, although it is certainly necessary before the order to thoroughly become acquainted with the proposed services and to read a little opinions about the selective hosting in internet on the forums. Select hosters which it can propose to you inexpensive and qualitative cheap web hosting and domain, pay services and your place for distribution of site it will be preparedly usually after only the hour. Hosting to .ru by .com .net pre-barter practically it does not have differences, change only registrars it is pre-barter, they for each domain of the first level different, even prices sometimes can differ, but sometimes they forward give free domain in addition with the payment of the services of hosting in $1. Access on ftp hosting usually supports on silence. Many servers of those allowing free hosting, ftp access also give in the majority of the cases.

Original address for your excellent site of form, will allow you it will be isolated among your friends of those having its small sites on the domains to indeed your surname it sounds proudly - Zemskova!

You will be able to place on your site any system of conducting day periodicals (webblog)! So that your visitors will be pleasantly astonished by the pleasant and comfortable "domestic" situation of your home page.

If you can propose the objects of your skill to your visitors, then you will be able to establish even on-line store on your site! And then visitors can not only learn about you much interesting, meet with you on your personal forum, but also even purchase one of your remarkable works of skill!

The Web hosting do even now use millions of people, laying out into the free access of the ton of glamurnoy information, what YOU do linger, baby? People await, until you begin to publish your unique surveys of the current directions of mode and stylistics or other very important information! You have everything in order to use our beautiful hosting!

Our services the same as for the men with the surname Of zemskov: Web Hosting with PHP and MySQL.

Hard Disk space: from 10 to 500 mb
Traffic: from 100 mb/mon. The license fee: from $1

Support PHP, Perl, MySQL and other unimportant details is included.

Be connected with us and we will help you to select the optimum collection of services. If you cannot themselves establish any software, or you do not know how to make site, then for the small pay we will help you to dispose free scripts, to develop valuable site with the original design and the system of control content.

Hosting is allowed on the basis of the services of hosting-provider

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